- Nuts For You -

There are so many kinds of "nuts," which means skills, available at picolisco.
I'll do my best to meet your needs as much as possible with all kinds of things that I can do.
Sometimes creative and maybe dumb, by taking the meaning of "nuts" as crazy.
However, please be careful about having too many "nuts," because they are high calories!

- My Beliefs -

« Supportive »  
I'll support you to enhance your ability.
« Unique »  
Customized and only one support that fits you the best.
« Joyful »  
Nothing means more than happiness!

- Why "picolisco?" -

Pico came from very small unit prefix of numbers (10-12), and lisco means "squirrel girl" in Japanese.
Lis (risu) is a squirrel, and "co" usually "ko" at the end, is a very popular form of girl names.
I named it because many people say that I look like a little squirrel (in a good meaning!).
Yes, I'm short and I have chubby cheeks; I just thought it would be easier for people to remember me if the name was related to my appearance in someway.

Also "pico" sounds cute, and most of the letters are round and look cute, those kinds of reasons.
They are all small letters, because I'm "small," you know.
I know that all grammar checkers will consider this wrong, though.