Some drawings that I have made.

I can draw serious and stylish pictures too, but most of them just happen to be fuuny.
I wonder why they become like that.

English to Japanese or Japanese to English translation works.

I'll try to answer your requests, but I might not be able to help you when the topic is too technical.
Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Logos and graphic works.

I design logos mostly by request, and I'll do my best to express your image and thoughts. Showing original ideas smartly and neatly is my central designing policy.

I can make websites too, and this site is also self-made.

Capable of using HTML and CSS. I've done designing and renewing websites and appearance changes of blogs and online stores.

Voice overs in American English and Japanese.

English Sample

*Not accepting voice overs for now since I have small children at home :)*

Sometimes, I do fortune-telling or make lucky-charm-wallpapers using runes.

However, I don't have any psychic power kinds of things, I'd recommend not to believe too much in them.

Please don't hesitate to contact me using this form.
I live in Japan, but anyone would be welcome around the world.

Working hard to have more English contents!