Twelve Horary Signs Happy Pattern Mandara
All the animals of twelve horary signs have their own lucky meanings.
I tried to combine loose-mood characters and beautiful Japanese traditional patterns.
Tote bags and stickers were made as products for Summer Design Festa 2016.
Twelve Horary Signs Happy Pattern Mandara Twelve Horary Signs Tote Bag Twelve Horary Signs Stickers
LINE Stickers - Japanese Obsolete Words
My first Creators' Stickers.
I just love to use obsolete words for fun from my childhood.
All the words were in a boom in the past, but very few people use them commonly now.
Please take a look on the sticker shop for the whole set, and I would be really happy if you buy them!
Sample StickersSample Stickers
Obsolete Words Revival Book
Booklet of LINE stickers introduced above.
I've written comments and when to use those words with sticker images.
There are some special pictures that are not LINE stickers.
Sorry that it's all in Japanese and all the words are based on Japanese culture...
Booklet Cover Booklet Pages
12 Zodiac Sign Characters
These characters were made when I was in university.
I drew new illustrations for Design Festa vol.43.
There are 4 types of pictures based on elements.
I wanted to express unmatched kind of feeling with beautiful background and funny characters.
Element of Fire Element of Water Element of Wind Element of Earth
New Year Cards - Family Version
I got married just after going all 12 oriental zodiac signs, so I decided to draw a family picture for the next cycle.
I was thinking about totally changing the style of drawing, but it turned out to be the same kind.
Well, I just like to draw something a little bit funny.
2022-Year of the Tiger 2021-Year of the Ox 2020-Year of the Rat 2019-Year of the Boar 2018-Year of the Dog 2017-Year of the Rooster 2016-Year of the Monkey 2015-Year of the Sheep
New Year Cards - 2002 to 2013
My point was to disturb fresh feeling and great resolutions at the beginning of the year.
2013-Year of the Snake 2012-Year of the Dragon 2011-Year of the Rabbit 2010-Year of the Tiger 2009-Year of the Ox 2008-Year of the Rat 2007-Year of the Boar 2006-Year of the Dog 2005-Year of the Rooster 2004-Year of the Monkey 2003-Year of the Sheep 2002-Year of the Horse