Weekend Cafe "14-bunno-2" Logo
A weekend cafe in Mie prefecture, "14-bunno-2," opened in December 2021.

I designed the letters in an elegant mood to express a stylish and calm atmosphere and used flower motifs to add cuteness to the logo. The colors were chosen through a lot of discussions with the cafe owner. The dark brown on the background was used to give a settled impression. The light blue-green was for the feeling of nature, and the yellow-orange was for expressing a cheerful mood. It matched beautifully with the exterior, and I was really happy to see everything went well.
Brass Band & Orchestra Chart - Periodic Table of Elements Style
I was in a brass band during middle school and high school.
And one day, I thought, "Hey, these instrument abbreviations look pretty similar to symbols of elements." So I made these charts. The layout is based on a common stage arrangement. The numbers on top indicate parts, such as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
Yeah, I know percussion parts are not exactly abbreviations, but I think they do have a good presence.

I printed these charts on clear file folders and sold them at Design Festa. You may also buy it in my online shop!
Brass Band Chart Orchestra Chart Brass Band & Orchestra Clear File Folder