Script Translation -2/14 of My Precious Memories-
2/14 of My Precious Memories

Original Story by aguri, Illustration and Animation by Hachimarumon. A heart-touching story of an adopted dog, Ai-chan.

I did the translation of the subtitles, and made the thumbnail of the video, the channel icon and banner.

The pictures are drawn in a warm touch and the whole video has a soft and cute mood, but the expression of the characters and sceneries are strong and overwhelming. And a great news! This video won a prize at the Short Film Contest 2021 of Tateshinakogen Film Festival! I'm very happy to be involved in this wonderful work.

Blog Translation -Tokimeki Countdown-
Tokimeki Countdown Website

This blog is written by aguri, writing about her feelings to live positively, and I've been doing the English translation of it.

Mainly writing about the days she was living with her dearest dog Rinse, she looks back over her past to live actively for the future, and it gives me a lot of courage and energy. I've also done the translation and the voiceover for the animation of the days she lived with Rinse.

Lyrics Translation
Paintbrush of Light ~光の絵筆

Translated lyrics of music written and composed by fillin, a holiday musician.

There are 2 types of English translation: direct translation of Japanese and translated lyrics matching the melody. It's a little difficult to keep the meaning and fit the melody, but it's also very fun work to do.

I also did the translation of some part of the website. Please look forward to the new music in the future.

Website Translation
Mizutaya's Mozuku

Mizutaya's Mozuku English Website

Translated the Japanese website of Mizuta Shoten including the images. In addition to Japanese to English translation, I edited the HTML and image datas.

Their mozuku is also very delicious and I hope it to become more popular worldwide!

Article Translation (Japanese to English)
Gemstone Dictionary

Gemstone Dictionary

Worked on translation for many of the articles explaining the meanings and effects of gemstones. Used fairly easy vocabulary and sentences that are easy to understand even for younger ages.
This work is still on going for additional articles to enrich the contents.

Article Translation (English to Japanese)
Translated English articles to Japanese for media websites to spread foreign news in Japan.
Sometimes reconstructed the contents to be better suited for the media.
  • MUSEY - Online Museum of Paintings and Arts
  • GET AR - Augmented Reality News Media (Japanese)
  • ANIMALive - News website that lives with animals (Japanese)
Comic Translations
Japanese manga is getting more and more popular in the world.
Some English speakers wanted their manga to be read in Japan, so I've helped translating English to Japanese on some of their works.

Please check out the real work from the links below.
Blog Translation
Support of introducing English blog information to Japan or Japanese culture blog to the world.
I'll help the translation to get more chances of reaching more people.

Here are some works that I can introduce.
Other Translation Works
All kinds of translation like: brainstorm brand names, catch phrases or ad slogans, email, website information, smart phone apps' multilingual support, and song lyrics. English to Japanese or vice versa. I can even sing a demo song for lyric translation.
I won't say no if I can do it, and if I have enough time for it. :D

Just feel free to contact me to ask what I can do for you.